• Seminarie: ”Representing culture: the process of making contexts around Jeju Haenyeo” 

    The Korean Studies Section cordially invites you to the guest lecture:
    ”Representing culture: the process of making contexts around Jeju Haenyeo”

    The lecture is based on the lecturer’s curating work to shed light on Jeju women diver, Haenyeo community and the life story of the lecturer’s own grandmother as a Haenyeo. Stories that were not told at the exhibition at Gothenburg Maritime Museum will be conveyed. Examples include the 1948 April 3 uprising at Jeju island and the American military base in Gangjeong in Jeju island.

    Lecturer: Min Jeong Ko, Amanuensis and teacher on the course “Arts, Pedagogics and Social Actions” at Academy Valand (Akademin Valand in Göteborg). She also work as an artist and freelance journalist.

    Date: Monday, September 17, 2018, 16-18 in Kräftriket, Aulan
    Location: 0.8 km south of T-bana Universitetet; by bus 50 or 670 to ’Albano’

    Sonja Häussler & Gabriel Jonsson

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