• Seminarium: Korean Studies Section (eng)

    The Korean Studies Section cordially invites you to the guest lecture by

    Woosuk Jung, Institute for Security and Development Policy (ISDP)   ”Korea’s Environmental Policies”


    The lecture will cover Korea’s industrialization and environment, achievements and shortco-mings and the latest and current government’s environmental policies.


    Woosuk Jung has a BA in Environmental science from Kyunghee University and will spend two years as a visiting researcher at ISDP from August, 2015. He is from the Ministry of Environment in South Korea and has been responsible for environmental policies such as soil environment conservation, sewage management and hazardous chemical control in the Mini-stry. His main experience includes amendment of the soil environment conservation act and the establishment of a master plan for soil conservation in 2009 and enforcement of the che-micals control act in 2015. Just before coming to ISDP, he was working at the Joint Inter Agency Chemical Emergency Preparedness Center which was founded as a new cooperative model to prevent and handle chemical disasters efficiently by five ministries together in South Korea.

    With these experiences, he is doing research into formulating an effective management sys-tem to protect human health and wealth as well as the environment from the hazard of che-micals, with a focus on security. He is also interested in international environmental security issues such as global warming, water related disasters etc.

    Time: Monday, February 22, 2016, 16:0018:00

    Place: Stockholm University, Kräftriket 4 A, aulan

    Location: 0.8 km south of T-bana Universitetet, /Frescati; ’Albano’ by bus 50 or 670


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