About us

The association’s goal is to spread information about Korea and support and promote exchange between Sweden and Korea.

The Korean Association in Sweden was founded in 1961 and is a non-profit organization.

The pioneers were Swedes who served in the Swedish hospitals in Korea or in the military commissions which were created after the war on the Korean peninsula. Today many other groups of Korean friends have joined the association

In 2013 Koreanska merged with the Korean War Veteran´s organization (Swedish-Korean Society established 1951), so today many of our members are war-veterans.


The Association issues a quarterly magazine – YOBOSEYO. The magazine informs about development in Korea and includes articles with contemporary contents.

A scholarship is annually awarded to a Swedish student to support Korean related studies in Republic of Korea.



  • Family activities; Christmas Party – very popular with our member families and a Spring Excursion/picnic.
  • Cultural activities; (Focus Korea) – a cultural event – music, poetry, films, etc.
  • Lunch/dinner lectures or seminars – Topical issues, often political subjects.
  • Veteran activities; e.g. commemorating the arrival date in Korea of the Swedish Red Cross Field Hospital, 23rd of September in 1950.